Improve your business’s performance with the 1:1 help you need to succeed

Helping Small Businesses “think big”

As busy entrepreneurs, everyone needs a little support and guidance sometimes to get the best out of a business, but finding a mentor who understands your business model and industry can be hard.

Through One-to-one sessions and Group Mentoring, I share my knowledge, skills and experience, to help you to develop the right strategies to move your business forward and grow successfully.

1:1 Mentoring offers you…

  • the opportunity to bounce your ideas off a trusted business advisor
  • help solving your unique challenges with solutions that will work for your business
  • the tools to put a strategy in place for long-term sustainability and growth
  • support around ‘red tape’ and understanding of how a business works efficiently
  • support to better understand your market, your competitors and your clients
  • guidance to charging the right price for your products or services to make a healthy profit

1:1 Mentoring Packages


Whether you’re thinking of starting a business and need guidance on the best route to success, or have been trading for less than 3 years and not seeing the results you want, these regular sessions allow me to help you:

work on your business plan strategy together and make sure that your idea is sound, so you can start a successful business with confidence.

identify your challenges and offer the support required to get your business on track and grow into the profitable enterprise you dreamed of.

Start-Up 1:1 Package

These one-one mentoring sessions are offered as two (1 hour) virtual sessions per month

£111 per month, this is a special discounted rate especially for Business Start-ups or those Pre-Trading

Perfect if you are:

· new to entrepreneurship or pre-trading looking to gain valuable knowledge, insights, and advice from someone who’s been there and done it

· a solopreneur working alone looking for a fresh perspective and unbiased feedback from an experienced mentor

· feeling like things are not where they should be and need advice and support to get your business on track

· struggling with a specific challenge or needing help discovering routes to market and in need of targeted guidance and support

· seeking to improve decision-making with help making informed decisions based on your market, values and objectives

· seeking sustainable growth with expert guidance and support that can grow your business faster and more effectively than they would on your own

The same package is available to established sole traders, looking to set some business goals, put a strategy in place and get some results that helps them take their business to the next level.

£79 per session (no minimum number of sessions). Perfect if you want one session or you want to pay as you go, on an adhoc basis.

Business Support Package

I also offer a business support package, perfect if you want to ask questions via email, phone or message.

Get up to 4 hours worth of support each quarter. As your trusted guide, I’m here to bounce your ideas off, ask burning questions and share your thoughts. You’ll get my helpful views so you gain business knowledge and make the right decisions that grow your business. This is like an insurance policy, use it when you need it but having it can make the difference when you are stuck.

£149 per quarter

micro business and sole traders

Micro Businesses & Sole Traders

Whether you’re wanting to work on your medium to long-term strategy and scale your business to the next level or working alone, looking for an ally to bounce ideas off and get guidance on adapting to changing markets these 1:1 sessions are tailored specifically to your business and industry and will help you:

identify and achieve your goals by understanding the challenges that your business is currently facing and grow into a sustainable and profitable business

gain increased efficiency and productivity through accountability and measured performance using tried-and-tested frameworks and support to ensure success

Unlimited 1:1 Mentoring Package

Monthly face-to-face* or virtual sessions with unlimited in-between support as and when you need it – by phone, email or messaging.

£197* per month

Perfect if you are:

· a busy business owner of a new or established business looking for expert guidance and support that can help you accelerate your business growth and achieve long-term success

· driven with ambitious growth plans for your business, seeking support and advice on how to go about overcoming specific obstacles and achieving your goals

· seeking to innovate with the help of a fresh perspective from someone who can help you think outside of the box and encourage innovation and creativity within the business

· wanting to improve business efficiency with guidance on improving operational efficiency, cost reduction, and optimising business processes

· a sole trader or micro business who wants to stay ahead of the competition and continue to thrive in a changing business environment

· in need of personalised guidance and support that’s tailored to your unique needs with unlimited access to a qualified and experienced mentor who can help you grow your business

Face-to-face* sessions are offered within a 50-mile radius of Inverness. If you are further afield and would like face-to-face sessions please contact me to discuss options.

My Guarantee of your results

I want to make sure that every one of my clients gets the support that they need to achieve their business goals and ultimately become a success story.

I believe so strongly in my offering that I provide a guarantee* on your investment.

Work with us for 10 months – and as long as you complete the agreed tasks, then in the unlikely event you do not achieve your desired results as set out at the start, we will work with you for no charge until you reach the results we agreed.

To date, we have never had to rely on giving free work away as we always achieve the results. In fact, one client doubled their revenue after their first session! So this ROI guarantee gives you the assurance that you can benefit from my services without risk and with everything to gain.

Got big plans for your small business? Let’s get growing

Through my in-depth experience working with businesses of all sizes, I offer tailored advice and strategies that are specifically designed to help you succeed.

By the end of our 1:1 sessions, you’ll be equipped with the confidence and resources needed to unlock your business’s potential for success and achieve your goals.