Bookkeepers are qualified to carry out a range of tasks from data entry, sending out invoices to your customers, ensuring all your bills and what you owe is up to date, paying suppliers, validate all your accounts with your bank statements known as bank reconciliation, prepare and file VAT returns, support the business with cash flow, budgets and forecasting. Provide management reports so you know the financial position of your business.

Do you need a bookkeeper?

  • If you struggle to keep on top of what people owe you or what you owe others then yes.
  • If you constantly put the bookkeeping tasks to the bottom of the pile, then yes.
  • If you do not enjoy this and wonder if you are doing it right, then yes.

A bookkeeper helps business owners grow their business as we take over your bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on the business in hand.

Does bookkeeping cause you headaches?

  1.  Save time

If you’re a small business or sole trader doing the bookkeeping yourself, could save you time and grow your business by handing over your bookkeeping to an expert. And by outsourcing you won’t need to recruit, train, develop and manage an internal bookkeeper.

  1.  Save costs

It’s often cheaper to outsource all, or part of, your accounts function than to have an in-house person. You save on employee-related expenses, such as National Insurance and pension contributions, holiday pay, benefits and training. You also save on overheads, such as a computer, a desk and office supplies. 

  1.  Access to an expert

Bookkeepers are Experts in their field and they will be more efficient than you. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that adds significant value, whether it’s the time it takes to complete the bookkeeping tasks, or the added value they can provide.

Outsourcing also reduces the risk of making a costly financial mistake, such as choosing the wrong employee. It can give you access to skills/talent that might otherwise be out of reach.

  1.  Improves operational efficiency

There are lots of ways outsourcing bookkeeping can make your business more efficient and productive. If you outsource, you’ll never have to worry about holiday or sick leave impacting work.

Additionally, we are up to date with the latest standards and technologies. We’ll follow your process and work as an extension of your business, we can also implement new technology-driven processes to improve your service levels, reduce costs, and boost your competitive advantage – setting you up for growth you may otherwise have missed.

The cost of outsourcing bookkeeping

Outsourcing rates vary, but the factors influencing them include:

  • The type and size of your business (number of employees etc.)
  • Your annual turnover
  • Your bookkeeping needs (which services you need help with)
  • Your business’s stage of development
  • Where your business is situated
  • The size and quality of the supplier

We charge an honest hourly rate. You only pay for the actual time your books are being worked on, we work efficiently and only do what needs to be done. Our Hourly Rate is £30. Perfect if your financial transactions fluctuate due to seasonal trade or if you want a bookkeeper on site. We also offer a bookkeeping service to businesses who are in between bookkeepers, for times when you have a staff shortage or when you have additional work for a period of time. We work remotely so we can look after any UK business but we can attend your office if you prefer on-site support, if you are within a 50* mile radius of Inverness.

We also offer fixed monthly fees:

  • Start up Sole trader £30 based on a maximum of 40 transactions
  • Sole trader £50 based on up to 60 transactions
  • Start up Limited Company £150 based on a maximum of 200 transactions
  • Limited Company from £350 based on up to 450 transactions

If you require a bookkeeper on-site a mileage fee of 45p* per mile will be added to the hourly rate plus travelling time if outside of Inverness.

Please contact us for a quote. Call now to chat about your bookkeeping challenges 07764192503

Should you outsource your bookkeeping?

As a business start up, sole trader or small business, you have a lot to gain from cost/time efficiency and access to a bookkeeper is more cost-effective than an accountant.

If you do not enjoy doing your bookkeeping and always put it off, it is best to outsource this function.

If you struggle with understanding what you are doing it is advisable to employ an external bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Services Eris Business offers:

On-site or remote weekly or monthly bookkeeping – bank reconciliations, paying suppliers, invoicing clients, journal entries and debt/credit control.

Additional Services:

  • VAT preparation and VAT returns
  • Preparation of budgets, cash flow forecasting, profitability and monthly management accounts
  • Attending Finance meetings with the Board, Trustees, Directors, Owners and Shareholders
  • Payroll Management
  • Business Advice/Mentoring
  • Training

We use Cloud Accounting; Xero or QuickBooks. We are experts in Sage also. If you use one of these packages already it is easy to set us up as a user with a simple email link so we can take over all your tasks without any hassle for you. If you are new to Cloud Accounting we can help you set this up.

We can prepare and file your VAT returns using your online accounting software, an if you wish to use any other service such as management accounts and financial meeting support please contact us for a quote.

If you run your payroll or intend to pay employees we can do this for you if you use Xero.