Here at Eris Business Services, we want to answer any questions you may have; be those about all the services we offer, what we can assist with, or any other enquiries you have in relation to my services. We hope that this page will offer some answers to those questions and after reading please book a free no-obligation 1-1 with Emma to see how she can help your business, you can also email her [email protected] or call her 07764192503.

I have over 20 years experience of starting, owning and running my own businesses.  My father had his own businesses too, so I was born into a business owners mindset.  My first business was a franchise which was a failure following the collapse of the brand!  I have learnt the hard way so you don’t have to make  the same mistakes I once did.  Therefore my experience in business is what will help your business be a success.

Yes, if you follow my strategies.  The frameworks and methodology I use are proven in business to enable you to be successful and reach your own targets whether that is financial or you just want a better all round business.  I help you to save money, make more money, improve your profit and give you the tools to be a happier business owner.

Yes we do but only to existing clients that we mentor and support, we are a team of qualified book-keepers (IAB certified).  We manage all your day to day book-keeping.  You provide us with your “original source documents” and we’ll input the data into the accounting software, match your bank balance, we can also invoice your clients/create estimates/quotes and provide you with monthly management accounts, complete VAT returns and do company filing.  Our rates are based on the number of transactions you have within the business, rather than time or if you prefer we can charge you an hourly rate of £30 per hour.

Yes we do in certain cases, we are not a virtual office but we can help with organising your office, filing, assisting at interviews, help promote your business, create brand awareness through talking to your potential clients.  We can also support businesses with their operations; ensuring policies and procedures are in place and guide you.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a programme to meet your needs and goals.

We have experience in all types of sector; charity, retail, nursing home, equestrian & pet care/training/grooming, office/service, hospitality, event management, conference, academic and estate agency.  We particularly focus on sectors that are customer facing, so if you serve consumers we can help you serve them better.

It depends on which service you choose to be honest but all our services are results driven.  If you choose our monthly mentoring package we will have a 1-1 each month and provide you with as much support* as you need in between so you can achieve the results you want, we’ll hold you to account and drive you to success.  We provide you with frameworks, a strategy and create a positive mindset so you can achieve your goals.  We work closely with you at every stage and we guide you whenever you need support outside of the 1-1.  We are a phone call or email away at all times.

Our fortnightly short 1-1 sessions or group sessions are perfect to brainstorm, gain clarity about your business.  We will support and guide you as much as we can during each session but you need to have the will to succeed.  We provide you with the tools but you have to put the effort in.

Our business consultancy packages are tailored to your business aims and needs.  These can be from a half day workshop to understand and provide solutions to solve a challenge to a complete programme to change a business direction or improve the staff engagement and leadership of an organisation which can take around 12 months or more to fully deliver and implement.  For some of clients we do a lot of the work for you, such as carry out market (stakeholder) research, consultations with stakeholders and understand your finances to get your business back on track.

We also can come in to do mystery shopper/diner exercises to give you valuable feedback so can changes can be implemented for improvement and we also will come in as a “team member” to experience the business from the inside to help the business resolve its challenges.

First of all we establish your goals and aims for the business and if we are working together on the monthly 1-1 package we will break down what you want to achieve by when and then we put in a plan. If after 10 months* results aren’t achieved as agreed we will continue to work with you (for FREE) until we reach success (to date we always achieve the desired results).

For 1-1 and group clients we ask for all fees to be paid in advance of the session.

Bespoke management consultancy services; a set fee is agreed, which could be monthly or a fixed advance fee and final payment.

Book-keeping is a set monthly fee (or an hourly rate) which we charge every month after an initial period of 3 months.

Other services we charge by the hour or by project.  Contact us for a quote.

Eris Business Services specialises in providing expertise to B2C companies in many sectors.

No matter your industry, our proven track record has helped businesses within retail, healthcare, property, IT, photography, alternative therapy, coaching, tourism, hospitality, debt recovery, drainage, aesthetics, marketing and customer service.

Helping you and your business solve the challenges faced to enable growth is our number one priority