A Strategy Consultant advises organisations on high-level decisions offering unbiased guidance, digging deep into the business, coupled with industry knowledge to deliver the best results. Strategy Consultants work with top level management to resolve company troubles by finding the right solutions.

Strategy Consultants work across every industry, with private and public sector bodies on a wide range of issues. 

If your company is looking to save money in a shrinking market, and thinks closing part of it’s manufacturing would make a difference then working with a Strategy Consultant would be a good call. The company want to know if this is a worthwhile course of action, which of their areas should be closed, how much money it will save them, how much will it cost, and how they should restructure – this is where an expert strategic consultant comes in to analyse and make recommendations based on findings. 

Why do organisations use strategy consultants? 

Mostly because, in house, companies don’t have the time or expertise to analyse this to a high enough level. Another problem in house, is that there is too much emotion or bias which results in ideas being excluded resulting in poor decision making. A Consultant comes in with fresh eyes, no agenda and quickly understands your business, analyses your company and the industry without previous opinion. A Consultant is bought in to guide on important decisions that are vital to the future of the company, to ensure every angle is considered. They devote themselves entirely to the question at hand, compared to in house employees who are are normally busy with the day to day tasks of running the company. Consultants also offer deep expertise in a particular industry or subject, such as market positioning or restructuring. 

Some Consultants are specialists in certain areas such as mergers and aqcuasitions. Consultants operate independently, sourcing information from both parties to have a strategy ready for the moment the last document is signed. 

What skills does a Strategy Consultant have that adds value to your company? 

As well as specific industry knowledge, there are a few general skills Strategy Consultants will bring to your business: 

  • Analytical skills: Consultants have the ability to collect and analyse large amounts of data, to assess problems, structure solutions and to present information at a range of levels.
  • People skills: As a Consultant, communication at all levels is vital as is working with high level Executives to understand their issues. The Consultant will build relationships, be a good listener, show empathy and quickly understand a company’s culture. A Consultant will also be persuasive when necessary but know when to back down if you cannot be convinced of a strategy and find an alternative that will work for your business. 
  • Time management: Strategy consultants will focus on your business and the job in hand. They are not bogged down with day to day business matters and therefore can work quickly and methodically as they are used to working to tight deadlines to support your company through your period of change. 

If your company needs to change, save money, improve its revenue or profitability a Strategy Consultant could bring the skills you need to make those changes in the most advantageous manner. Sometimes an industry specialist or a M&A specialist will be vital but not always, quite often you need a Strategy Consultant that is a generalist and has lots of experience in many sectors that will bring a wealth of knowledge to your company. Book an appointment with a Consultant to find out more, there are many consultants to choose from so take your time to pick the right one. Eris Business Services always offers free consultations just for that reason, we both need to be the right fit, book an initial appointment here or look at our website for further information.