Behind every business is a passionate founder.  Tesco began when Jack Cohen sold tea on a market stall in London in 1919.  Pop up businesses which test the water, just like Mr Cohen did, will more likely be successful.

I was visiting a shop owner who sells a bit of everything, I asked “who is your ideal customer”, they said “everyone”.  Whoops, there’s the first mistake.  You might be too cheap, too expensive, not stock what they want or you could be in the wrong location.  So you can’t serve everyone!

Be specific about “who” you’re serving.  If you’re trying to target everyone no one will hear your message.  Back in the early 1920’s Mr Cohen focused on own label Tea, he sold other dry goods too but he was known for his tea, that’s how he grew his business.

Who is your perfect customer, someone who likes coffee?

Business Start Up Top Tips

Firstly, you need to know exactly who you’re serving and what their needs are, it can be difficult to target your marketing message to the right audience if you’re telling them the wrong message.  I see this mistake over and over by business owners, you’re trying to say too much so the message gets lost.  Just like selling Tea, focus on the tea, you might sell coffee too but they’re a different audience, spend some time and think about the following tips.

#1: Who is your perfect customer? 

#4: Do you have multiple customers?  Draw a picture of them, what are their interests? 

#3: For each customer type write down their pains?

#4: What services/products do you deliver that solves each customer pain.

#5: Put your theory to the test, research the market, measure, evaluate and re-package if need be.

Running a business can be exciting but it can be really hard work too, you have to put the effort in if you want to get results.  Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail and most importantly know your customers expectations inside out and deliver exceptional customer service every time, no excuses.

You never know where your business may take you, I bet Mr Cohen never dreamt Tesco would be where it is today when he first set up his market stall in London. But that is the point, some businesses work and some don’t. If you don’t know who you are serving and why and you don’t to fill the need and you never continue to evaluate and adapt you will never be the next Tesco, so think BIG you just never know where you’ll end up.