Management Consultants work with businesses to improve performance by providing expert advice to solve problems and encourage growth. Eris Business Services work with businesses across a wide range of sectors from Healthcare, Health & Beauty, Retail, Property, Photography, Arts & Crafts, Catering & Hospitality, IT, Business Services to Pet Services who have all benefited from using management consulting to improve their practices and efficiency.

In basic terms the role of the consultant is to provide the business leader/owner with an audit of current procedures, their recommendation for improvement and an action plan for implementation. Some clients need me to do all the work and present my findings where as others want to be involved in the research and strategic aims and prefer monthly sessions where we can implement solutions as we go.

Why would you use a management consultant?

A consultant is an expert and can provide skills that the business maybe lacking or where a business owner doesn’t have time to do the work themselves. Or in a small business there may not be enough resources to carry out what is needed to solve the company problem. It can be cost effective to source external help rather than hiring someone or even attempting to manage a project or task internally. A consultant is likely to have expertise in certain areas, which a business may not have. The consultant focus’ on the project, without getting distracted by the day-to-day running of the business.

How does a management consulting project work?

A consultant usually provides advice on a specific issue. A project will usually go as follows:

  • Problem definition – What problem is the client trying to solve?
  • Approach – How are we going to investigate this problem?
  • Data gathering – Find out everything we can about the issue
  • Data Analysis – What does the data show?
  • Advice – What is the best solution according to the consultants data and expertise?
  • Implementation – Make recommendations to the client and support change that is needed to implement the best strategy

Consultants will always take a detailed brief from the client to understand the nature of the problem.

How much would a consultant cost?

It depends on the project. Most consultants charge anything from £50 per hour to several hundred pound per hour, some charge by the day and others charge for the project which is why getting a detailed brief is important. This allows the consultant to understand the scope of the project and how long it will take to deliver the findings and implement the strategy.

Detailed business plans start from around £2000 but less detailed plans can be done if the client is not looking for funding and just wants the business plan for their own purpose of deciding if the business is a viable prospect and this is around £500 but the client will need to do a lot of the work guided by the consultant.

Regular Strategy meetings to solve problems, set goals and put strategies in place to achieve an improved business starts from only £88 per session. Book a free session today